Unblock Conf - Presented by Buildkite

Thank you to everyone who attended UnblockConf 21!

UnblockConf is a global developer community
conference for teams implementing
continuous delivery at scale.

UnblockConf 21 was held across
15-17 November 2021.

🗓 3 days
💬 2 keynotes
🎙 5 engineering talks
👾 9 technical webinars

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Engineering Talks

Bazel, Wix Engineering, Lyft, Pinterest and Wayfair
Bazel, Wix Engineering, Lyft, Pinterest and Wayfair

Day 1

Day 1 Opening! 🎉

13:15-13:30 PT 🌎

Keynote: The Future of CI/CI


Tim Lucas + Eleanor Kiefel Haggerty

13:30-13:50 PT 🌎

How Bazel built its CI system on top of Buildkite


Philipp Wollermann

13:50-14:15 PT 🌎

Break! ☕️🫖🍩🍫

14:15-14:30 PT 🌎

Mobile CI at Scale


Keith Smiley

14:30-14:55 PT 🌎

Day 1 Closing 😞

14:55-15:05 PT 🌎

Day 2

Day 2 Opening! 🎉

13:15-13:25 PT 🌎

Keynote: Flaky tests, FML


Jasmine Quek + Jasmin Wong

13:25-13:45 PT 🌎

Moving Pinterest’s iOS builds to autoscaled EC2 Mac


Oliver Koo

13:45-14:10 PT 🌎

Break! ☕️🫖🍩🍫

14:10-14:25 PT 🌎

6 Challenges Wix Faced While Building a Super CI Pipeline

Wix Engineering

Shay Sofer

14:25-14:50 PT 🌎

Resilient, Dynamic and Fun CI with Buildkite


Lelia Bray-Musso + Gary White Jr.

14:50-15:15 PT 🌎

Day 2 Closing 😭

15:15-15:25 PT 🌎

Closing Party! 🎉🎉🎉

15:25-17:00 PT 🌎

Join the official after party on Skittish with breakout spaces, lightning talks, the pipeline pond, and some special surprises on the day.

Day 3

The Continuous Software Pipeline: CI/CD Meets Continuous Packaging

with Ciara from Cloudsmith

10:00-10:40 PT 🌎

Pagerduty Change Events

with Mandi from Pagerduty

11:00-11:40 PT 🌎

Using Datadog’s new CI Visibility tools with your Buildkite CI/CD pipelines

with Brian from Datadog

12:00-12:40 PT 🌎

Build observability with Honeycomb

with Pierre from Honeycomb

13:00-13:40 PT 🌎

AWS Graviton with the Elastic CI Stack for AWS

with Arthur from AWS

15:00-15:40 PT 🌎

Getting started with Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac

with Manish from AWS

16:00-16:40 PT 🌎

Test Analytics Deep Dive

with Nick and Grant from Buildkite

17:00-17:40 PT 🌎

Buildkite 101

with Nick and Mike from Buildkite

18:00-18:40 PT 🌎

Autoscaling Bazel RBE and EC2 Mac with Buildkite, Flare and Nodeless Kubernetes

with Tatiana from Flare.Build + Madhuri from ELOTL

19:00-19:40 PT 🌎


Headshot of Mel Kaulfuss.

Mel Kaulfuss

Melbourne, Australia

Howdy, I’m Mel! And I love people and community as much as I love software and as a Developer Advocate I help connect the two. When I’m not clickity clacking, I enjoy walking my 2 dogs, basking in nature or binging any Nordic Noir series I can find.

Headshot of Rose Lu. Photo credit: Rebecca McMillan photography

Rose Lu

Wellington, New Zealand

Kia ora, I'm Rose! I'm an engineer at Buildkite in the Test Analytics team. I've been involved in the antipodean Ruby on Rails community for ages, first with Rails Girls and later organising and speaking at Kiwi Ruby and Rubyconf AU. I am also a writer and published an essay collection in 2019.


Future of CI/CD

An exploration of the biggest problems facing teams implementing CI/CD at scale, and a look at what’s to come.

Headshot of Eleanor Kiefel Haggerty.

Eleanor Kiefel Haggerty

Melbourne, Australia

Eleanor is Engineering Manager and Team Lead of Buildkite's Pipelines team. She's a classicist turned engineer who loves to craft meaningful software. She's an avid adventurer, an enthusiastic dog patter and a budding violinist. Eleanor loves sailing and eggs.

Headshot of Tim Lucas.

Tim Lucas

Melbourne, Australia

Tim is the co-founder and co-CEO of Buildkite. He’s been building web apps and fostering developer communities for almost 20 years, and has a background in both design and engineering. Outside of Buildkite, Tim can be found climbing rocky walls and searching Melbourne for the best eggplant parmigiana.

Flaky tests FML

Introducing: Buildkite Test Analytics, a new suite of features that helps you identify, track and fix problems in your test suites. Hate tracking down flaky and slow tests? Come hear from the Buildkite product team that's working to make your life easier, and get a first-hand look at what we're building, and why.

Headshot of Jasmine Quek.

Jasmine Quek

Melbourne, Australia

Jasmine is a Senior Engineer and likes solving technical problems for people, by working together with great people. If I get to make pretty things along the way that’s fun too! In my natural habitat you’ll find me: eating, baking and playing games at the arcade.

Headshot of Jasmin Wong.

Jasmin Wong

Sydney, Australia

Jasmin is a designer and photographer, and pawrent to the world’s most photogenic Border Collie, Ari. She likes specialty tea, pottery, gardening, and working with other people to craft beautiful and useful things for humans of the internet.

Bazel (Google):
How Bazel built its CI system on top of Buildkite

Bazel is an open source build tool created by Google, helping achieve fast and reliable builds on large projects such as Tensorflow. Join Philipp to learn about Bazel, why they chose Buildkite for their own CI, Bazel tooling and best practices, and how to use it to speed up your Buildkite pipeline.

Headshot of Philipp Wollermann.

Philipp Wollermann

Munich, Germany

Philipp is a Staff Software Engineer at Google. He manages the open-source team of Google's build system Bazel and has been working on Bazel for eight years now. He loves open-source and working with the community to build a great product and ecosystem.

Mobile CI at Scale

Lyft has hundreds of mobile developers, and runs thousands of CI builds per week. This talk will cover how we provide the best possible experience for our developers, including the journey we’ve taken so far, our current setup based on Buildkite and Bazel, and where we’re heading next.

Headshot of Keith Smiley.

Keith Smiley

San Francisco, USA

Keith is a Principal Engineer working on infrastructure at Lyft. He spends most of his time working on CI and build systems, especially related to mobile.

Moving Pinterest’s iOS builds to autoscaled EC2 Mac

The journey of how we updated Pinterest’s iOS build pipelines and switched to autoscaling build queues backed by AWS EC2 Mac. This talk will cover how we’re building the AMIs, managing AWS via Terraform, and where we’re going next.

Headshot of Oliver Koo.

Oliver Koo

San Francisco, USA

Oliver is an iOS build engineer at Pinterest, his passion is creating developer productivity tools, and building CI/CD systems to enhance developer’s experience. Outside of work he enjoys rock climbing, social dancing and table tennis.

Resilient, Reusable, and Fun CI with Buildkite

Continuous Integration. It’s the first step in most developer journeys to Cloud Native. Platform teams, developers, and operations struggle to get it right. In this talk, listen to Lelia and Gary from Wayfair’s Development Platform team laugh through the pain of scaling from 30 engineers to 3000. From 4 hour lead times to 10 minute keyboard-to-production deployments. We’ll use the backdrop of explosive growth at Wayfair to bring relatable hilarity to engineers working in operations, devops, and the software layer! This war story of reducing deploy train brain pain will also break with practical learnings and examples on how you might be able to benefit from our mistakes. Most importantly, we’ll share our Buildkite best practices and features we love. Come laugh with us! (or at us)

Headshot of Lelia Bray-Musso.

Lelia Bray-Musso

Suffolk County, USA

Lelia Bray-Musso is an open-source enthusiast, emoji connoisseur, and former film major. After switching to a career in technology, she was unable to avoid the allure of Continuous Integration. Whether through transforming the build process for server software, rehabilitating CI agents for testing robots, introducing shared libraries to a security company's release process, or exploring workflow extensibility through Buildkite plugin development, one constant has remained: a desire to make CI easier, faster, and more robust.

Headshot of Gary White Jr..

Gary White Jr.

Boston, USA

Gary White Jr. is a technologist, meme enthusiast, aspiring gearhead, and has-been musician. Working early in his career on Cloud Foundry and infrastructure automation, he has worked with many enterprise companies on solving difficult problems at scale. At Wayfair he’s been integral in revolutionizing their automation strategy with Buildkite, and now steps into the Open Source world in earnest once again with the Open Source Program Office.

6 Challenges Wix Faced While Building a Super CI Pipeline

Developer velocity can’t be underestimated. Whether it’s building & deploying a hotfix for an urgent production incident, or your regular day-to-day development cycle, a CI/CD pipeline must provide a fast feedback loop. But what happens when your company just keeps on growing and your CI system is starting to cave in under pressure? What can you do if your users are getting frustrated, having critical builds queued for over an hour? In this talk we’ll discuss how Wix built a scalable, highly concurrent CI solution to support 500 engineers, using Buildkite, while reducing the time builds spend in queue (when our CI system is under load) from ~40-60 minutes to merely seconds.

Headshot of Shay Sofer.

Shay Sofer

Tel Aviv, Israel

Shay is a Backend Engineer at Wix’s Infrastructure team. For over a decade, he has worked in backend engineering and tech lead roles, implementing and designing software. He is passionate about distributed systems, playing the guitar (and is awful at it), and video games (and is somewhat okay at them). A proud father of a one-month-old. Learning new, exciting things every day.


Headshot of Nick Rycar.

Nick Rycar

Seattle, Washington, USA

Hi, I'm Nick and I’m the Technical Product Marketing Manager at Buildkite! I write words about software and tell stories with code. Any braincells not devoted to those activities are used to store arcane trivia about video games, movies, or pro wrestling. Dad to two cats and one human.


Buildkite + Cloudsmith:The Continuous Software Pipeline: CI/CD Meets Continuous Packaging

November 17th, 10:00-10:40 PT 🌎


Buildkite + Pagerduty:Pagerduty Change Events

November 17th, 11:00-11:40 PT 🌎


Buildkite + Datadog:Using Datadog’s new CI Visibility tools with your Buildkite CI/CD pipelines

November 17th, 12:00-12:40 PT 🌎


Buildkite + Honeycomb:Build observability with Honeycomb

November 17th, 13:00-13:40 PT 🌎


Buildkite + AWS:AWS Graviton with the Elastic CI Stack for AWS

November 17th, 15:00-15:40 PT 🌎


Buildkite + AWS:Getting started with Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac

November 17th, 16:00-16:40 PT 🌎


Buildkite + Buildkite:Test Analytics Deep Dive

November 17th, 17:00-17:40 PT 🌎


Buildkite + buildkite:Buildkite 101

November 17th, 18:00-18:40 PT 🌎


Buildkite + Flare.build:Autoscaling Bazel RBE and EC2 Mac with Buildkite, Flare and Nodeless Kubernetes

November 17th, 19:00-19:40 PT 🌎



HashiCorp, DataDog, Cloudsmith, PagerDuty, Honeycomb, AWS and Flare.BuildHashiCorp, DataDog, Cloudsmith, PagerDuty, Honeycomb, AWS and Flare.Build